Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring Break

It's Officially Spring Break for the Kids and myself as well.
So I won't be posting this next week, but it's a great opportunity to take a look back at any posts you may have missed.
Here they are in order, you can just click on each of them and it'll take you to it.

Why Pickles?
Rich Moments

I appreciate all of you pickles that have read or are currently reading me. Especially those who've truly made a commitment to be better each day and to appreciate those around you.
I'm sure it was Mother Theresa that said the world is more starved for love and appreciation than it is for bread...
 That says a lot.

I will be changing some things about the blog site over the Spring break as I've also concluded a bit of a conflict of interest with my blogging and crafting.

For those on Spring Break as well, enjoy!  For those of you that aren't, take some time to relax and appreciate the day.


Monday, March 14, 2011


How do you handle "Challenges?" And for some, we have to ask "How do challenges HANDLE YOU?"

I read an article years ago that talked about the idea that Americans were basically some of the weakest people in the world. I was surprised to read such a thing because, you know us Americans we are a "SUPER POWER" plus I'm married to someone in the military! I began to take offense but then I read on... This article explained the American Resolve and Our need to be so politically correct. I read on..
It then spoke to the fact that we do not seek out challenges. "Okay, now that's far enough", I thought, "You have no clue, I've had challenges", is what I'd have said had he physically been there. I read on...
The author of this article went on to explain the difference between having challenges and conquering challenges. Well, Well... I digress...
Hell up until that point, I had a husband, two kids, living expenses and student loans but I was dreaming about my 8th grade math teacher.. Mrs. Ward, telling me how she was going to fail me because I never met the challenge in her class and that I could shape up or join her for summer school. That was then...