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How do you handle "Challenges?" And for some, we have to ask "How do challenges HANDLE YOU?"

I read an article years ago that talked about the idea that Americans were basically some of the weakest people in the world. I was surprised to read such a thing because, you know us Americans we are a "SUPER POWER" plus I'm married to someone in the military! I began to take offense but then I read on... This article explained the American Resolve and Our need to be so politically correct. I read on..
It then spoke to the fact that we do not seek out challenges. "Okay, now that's far enough", I thought, "You have no clue, I've had challenges", is what I'd have said had he physically been there. I read on...
The author of this article went on to explain the difference between having challenges and conquering challenges. Well, Well... I digress...
Hell up until that point, I had a husband, two kids, living expenses and student loans but I was dreaming about my 8th grade math teacher.. Mrs. Ward, telling me how she was going to fail me because I never met the challenge in her class and that I could shape up or join her for summer school. That was then...

Me, personally, I seek out challenge. NOW!  
It took me a while but I  figured out  realized that my willingness to face or take on a challenge was directly linked to my growth, maturity and faith or lack there of when considering these things. I say realized because life and people in my life tried to teach me that time and time again. Yeah, I wasn't exactly paying attention. But when the light came on, it was Crazy Good.

Here it is:

Are you the Pickle that's up to the challenge? Do you get the
tools, access your resources and find your way out of the jar?

Zig Ziglar, I believe is the one who said it. What you get by reaching your destination is not nearly as important as what or who you will become through the journey.
I'm sure I'm paraphrasing.
But,That statement couldn't be more true.

Take a moment to reflect on one of your most challenging times in life...

Come back... we're not done yet.

If you got the lesson that you were supposed to get, you should have been changed by that challenge. For the better that is. Maybe it taught you " that you shouldn't"... maybe it taught you "that you should"... maybe it taught you " that you should WAIT"... or it may have simply taught you "that you should believe"... whatever it was, you should have been changed. If you weren't changed, beware, that challenge will come again in life. Caution, it may be disguised differently, but it will be back...

Now think about the people in your life, those near and far. Think about who and what they are... now think about the way they've handled life's challenges. If this person is someone you look at and say _______(you fill in the blank) is so immature, understand that _______ hasn't embraced and worked through enough challenges. If you think about________ and say _______ hasn't changed a bit, understand that ________ hasn't embraced and worked through enough challenges. If you think about ________ and are able to say ________ doesn't believe in themselves, or doesn't have any confidence or stick- to- it- ness ( as I like to call it) Please, understand that ________ (say it with me now) "HASN'T EMBRACED OR WORKED THROUGH ENOUGH CHALLENGES" 

Now think about who you are, think about the way you handle life's challenges.

Can you fill in those blanks with your name? Can someone else fill in the blank with your name? It would be each of our hope's that they couldn't, but just in case, let's open ourselves up to a new challenge and see who and what we are on the other side.
 Did I say anything to make you believe that all challenges are grueling? I don't think they are.
 I Don't believe that all changes are going to be earth shattering, most of them aren't.
That's t.v.
 Most of my change is on the inside, in my gut, in my spirit and in my effective disposition.
For real, anyone can cut their hair and change their clothes and claim to be changed...
REAL CHANGE takes REAL WORK. And there is always work to be done...

So if you find yourself running from challenges or simply choosing not to participate,  please know that what ever it is will be there when you get back..
allow yourself to see how much better you're going to be for facing it.
If you're a parent think about the knowledge you will have to share with your children on the matter.

Conquer your challenges and watch yourself grow, see yourself mature and experience where your faith will take you.
Conquering challenges builds  character,  conquering challenges builds self confidence and faith, and conquering challenges really does mature you.
I tell my friends, I'm not looking for greatness, I'm looking for progress, everyday. I'm just trying to be better than I was yesterday!

I am grateful for my Challenges, I'm thankful for my lessons, I appreciate my faith and I love every lesson learned!

Now take that Mrs. Ward, I met the challenge!

That's all I've got today, Pickles...

Tell me what your current challenge is, by name or anonymously. Just put it out there. What are you doing about it?

Now That's HOTTT!!!

I'll tell you, mine is my weight, No I'm not grossly overweight, but I'm not comfortable either. I have a military ball, a Vegas Trip and a PCS move this summer and I want to be in shape, healthy and "CUTE" that's right! I said it!

 I want to be a the hottest Pickle, when my boyfriend  husband  returns.

What am I doing about it? I've jumped into this P90X regimen my bestie has so talked me in to. It's a killer , but I love the burn! AND I sleep better.
That's my physical challenge, my mental and spiritual challenge is getting through this deployment. It really hasn't been hard... but.... I'm grateful for my Challenges! Enough said!
Did I tell you that if you say it enough, you'll eventually believe it?


I don't want to forget to ask that all of you that read "Appreciating Pickles" take the time to reflect on the Challenges that our fellow men and women are facing in Japan and other affected places. Take the time to say a prayer and send some positive energy to their lives, allow their experience to have you Appreciate a Pickle that you haven't in a while.

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