Thursday, March 10, 2011


aaaaahhhhh, I feel the love already. Thank you to all of you that came by the comment section on my last (1st) post to show me some love. And yes I forgive you all in advance, I'm sure it'll be the same people putting me in my place when I get it wrong as well.  LOL! Seriously I wouldn't expect any less. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you...

Here we go.

I see a lot of things that maybe other people don't see. For any of you that have spent any time out with me, you know I am a people watcher. I can sit quietly in a spot and just watch people be people. I'm not easily surprised by anything they do. I've literally moved around my entire life... I feel like I've seen just about all human behavior...
 Both my mother and step father were active duty Army. HOOOAH!!! And as if I didn't know any better I married Army.( I wouldn't change it for the world) We'll dia-blog
(blog conversation) about that at another time. I need to like copy right that word! DIA-BLOG... "yes I know you can't copy right a word!"
Anyway, the most interesting things on the planet, as far as I'm concerned is us, people. The thought process or lack there of keeps me entertained. I'm not even talking about television.
I mean real everyday people pickles. "Had to say it at least once."
 There I was walking through my local Walmart and a woman walking just a little bit ahead of me, moved kind of oddly, of course it caught my attention.
 I checked her out, she didn't look handicapped in any way.

We continued to walk, and then it happened. In one continuous movement and with blinking speed. I watched this lady stop pushing her cart, put the inside of her elbow to her nose, whip out her right leg and cross it over her left leg, squeeze  clinch her butt cheeks as hard as she could and sneeze! It took all of me to hold it together. I'm literally laughing out loud as I recall this to tell you all. She was trying not to tinkle when she sneezed. I LOVE IT... 

 Now come on, for those of us that have been pregnant and sneezed or had that horrible cold that rendered your pelvic muscles useless or the time you just held your pee-pee(whisper) too long and didn't count on having to sneeze. That's right, there you were thinking, "Now I've gotta get myself cleaned up and change my undies!" I LOVE IT...                                             

She put on such a grand display.  
When she was done, she ran her fingers through   her hair, adjusted    her coat, re-gripped her shopping cart and continued on as if nothing ever happened.
It was one of those moments that I simply call "RICH" it was real, it was authentic, and yes it was funny...

 If I'd have had my head down, on the cell phone or just had been too consumed with me, I would've missed her! I would've missed that real people moment.

 I said all of that to say "Are we missing the "Rich" moments in our lives?" No they won't all be these hilarious moments. It might be the moments that make you cry, the moments that just cause you to actually look at someone and truly see them, the good and the bad. In a word , Fulfilling.
 I feel like sometimes we are so glued to our devices and our televisions and even wishing we had something more or something different, therefore we miss those "RICH" moments that we should be looking for. The moment where we can be our authentic selves and allow those we are sharing the moment with to be the same.At least be present enough to know when someone else is experiencing a rich moment,

Please believe, I'm as guilty as anyone. It takes practice and the will to be better today than we were yesterday. So make it a personal goal to be on the look out for your moments. Besides you may be lucky enough to come across a "PISSY PICKLE" Hahaha....

Make Life Rich by being aware, being present, and being authentic.


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kirsten c. said...

Omg!!! Lmao!!!! Watching Pickles is the best!!!!!

Amanda said...

I LOVE IT! I, too, am a people-watcher. But I tend to get caught up in my everyday life too often and feel I am missing something precious.
I was going to stay online and finish a bunch of work...but now I feel challenged to go enjoy my wonderful family. Thank you Dara!
I might even have to buy some more pickles, in your honor. :)

Patrice Herrera said...

People are the best for of entertainment. Hey I didn't know you saw me do that!!! lololo It is so true what you said about taking the time to watch people. I love to go to Disneyland and watch people. There are so many emotions running rampid in that place you can't help but be delighted. PS Thanks for stopping by My Little Patch of Dirt and for leaving such a nice comment.

Patrice Herrera said...

PSS Your card is stunning!I love your color choise and the hearts and flowers, isn't that what life is all about :)

Kimmy said...

Dara, You never cease to amaze me...I am really enjoying reading your new blog and I'm also anticpating the next entry. This is great keep the hilarity coming...:)
Love Kimmy..

Krystal said...

The only real reason I go out (ie bars/clubs) is for the people watching. Some of the treasures I see is defintely worth the price of admission. It's funny how people either don't realize or don't care that others can actually see them.