Monday, March 7, 2011

Why Pickles?

Hey Pickles! Let me say "Thank You" for showing up... I'm excited about this Blog. It's been a long time coming. I've kind of struggled with my writing confidence. Now, I'm just jumping in.  I know I'll never know what I'm capable of until I try it. Whew, let's learn and laugh!

So Pickle? Why Pickle?
It's just what I call people. I've revisited that question time and time again. And I always come back to the same idea... because we all start out somewhere. Think about it, we come into this world the same way and life then has it's way with us.
 We go through the sweet and the sour, the ups and downs the lumps and bumps that make us who we are and in the end, most of us maintain a soft inside. That core, that foundation that keeps us real and attached to who we really are.
Not to mention I've met a few children in my adult life that irked the living hell day lights out of me. I couldn't call a child the ugly words that came to mind, but I could call them a PICKLE!  Now it would be up to me which type of pickle I assigned the "Little Brat" but that was between me, myself and I, So the expression obviously evolved after that. Oh, and I love Pickles. Have you ever tried the fried pickles at Hooters?
They'll cure what ales ya... ( In my best IRISH accent) 
So fast Forward to the me of Today, I have learned to appreciate every PICKLE on some level. The young and the old, even the lumpy-bumpy pickle that showed up at my door with  that extra vinegar they're lugging around, leaving a sour taste in every one's mouth. You know who you are... I digress... We are all pickles because of what life's experiences make us. But we all have that soft inside that makes us alike and offers us hope for being better tomorrow than any of us were today. Take the time today and everyday from now on to appreciate the Journey of every Pickle! 
My Pickles picking cucumbers from our garden...

Here's the Big question... wait for it... What kind of PICKLE are you?  AND why? Let me know...
  • Are you a sweet Pickle? (I'm sure we all think of ourselves as such)
  • Are you a dill/ sour Pickle?
  • Are you a Kosher Pickle? (Funny thought, inside joke!)
  • Are you a Gherkin? (who's a shorty?)
  • No clue, make up a type of Pickle but be able to explain why!

Here's an informative read:

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Now understand that I said the first 25 people who subscribe and tune in. So come back to read me and invite a couple of friends.

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  • Got it? Good
  • Thank you for reading Me...

I'll be Back on Friday...


Amanda Mac said...

That's great! Thanks for sharing....I don't know what kind of pickle I am! Do they have one that's kind of ornery but sometimes sweet. Is there one that bites back sometimes? I'll have to think on that!

Kirsten C. said...

I finally know the whole Pickle truth!! I'm so excited about your blog and will be a faithful reader.... and friend!!!!!

Diane said...

LOL I still remember the first time i heard u call the kids pickles. Kieka has her email as littlepicklev because of you. :) Miss ya!

Anonymous said...

Nice Blog Dara,

I think I was the "Kosher Pickle that showed up at your Texas door back in 2006.

There is good and bad in Kosher Pickles.

The Good:I was low in Saturated Fat, and very low in Cholesterol(recently separated from the Army). I was also a good source of Vitamin A,(having an excellent eye to spot good people).

We laughed, sat on the curve drining wine coolers, shared many meals to endulge our love for good home cooked food, and walked and chased our dogs arround the neighborhood. :).

It was all so good that you drove me to the bad;

The bad: is that This food is very high in Sodium,(when mixed we become explosive) and a large portion of the calories in this food come from sugars. (all the love)

In other words my family and I became madly attached to your's and for that my future neighbors can expect me to attempt a good relationship with them.
Yes even those in stairwalls. .

For this and much more THANK YOU! YOU ARE WONDERFUL

Anonymous said...

I never knew how much pickles meant to you. We can go to Hooters any time. :)

Anonymous said...

I love how you call everyone pickle! I remember when you called me pickle for the first time. I love pickles too...what kind am I? Hmmm....that's a toughy. I think i'm a garlic dill....mostly because they're my favorite but I do add alot of flavor. Hahaha

Anyta said...

As always, you never cease to amaze me!
Reading this makes me look out my back door and smile wishing my friend was still just across the alley.
Love ya.. pickle!

Amanda said...

Hey lady! Love this...and you! You're a terrific writer and I intend to think more carefully about all the "little pickles" from now on. :)

Monika' said...

Hey there Pickle! I'd be a Sweet & Sour Pickle if there were such a thing. You know what I'm talking about. :) I'm pretty 'sweet' until things go terribly wrong. lol This is great!! Hugs and miss you!


Kirsten said...

I think I am still a cucumber!

Nikki Bond said...

This is fantastic Dara! I love your sense of humor....and your two cars are gorgeous! I couldn't figure out how to leave a comment under them so I'll do that here....

Most of the time I consider myself a sweet pickle...but sometimes I can be a dill....and sometimes I just feel like Relish! HA! :)