Friday, April 1, 2011

If you are anything like me, there are few things that feel as good as being on all fours, knees feeling like they can't take much more, the warm sun on your back, I just can't wait! 

Happy April Fools Day!
 I'm talking about GARDENING!!!                                                                                                                      

My 1st attempt at growing Watermelon
I hate that I'm moving this summer because I won't be able to take my garden with me. But, I'll still have the pleasure of growing one. As a matter of fact my chives for my dips, the citrus mint for my mojitos and my celery have all sprouted... I'm hoping they all make it through this cold snap. I love fresh everything. I'm sure that comes from my roots but it doesn't hurt that I'm married to a Mexican Eating Machine! And the fresher he can get his food, the better he likes it!
Each year I grow cucumbers and tomatoes and even some zucchini. I also grow a few herbs. There's something about walking out your back door to collect whatever it is your going to need for any given meal. It's awesome to look out of your window and see your kids rinse off a few cherry tomatoes or a cucumber and sit on the steps and eat them and if you have a little one like mine there is no rinsing necessary. That's the good life of summer.

My Pickle using one of the the cucumbers like a phone!
Picking a cucumber for her afternoon snack...

It's amazing, for as gifted and talented as I am with the outdoor gardening, I SUCK at growing indoor plants. I buy them because they look great, then my youngest pickle usually adopts them and loves them the way they deserve to be loved.
 I adore fresh cut flowers even more, plus I can toss them when I'm done they're done. They have a natural expiration date.

Which takes me some place else all together. For months, now probably years, I really pay attention to expiration dates. Obviously with food but even more in my day to day relationships and interactions.

Do you believe that relationships have expiration dates?
Do you believe in the fact that there is either a reason, a season or a lifetime to all relationships? Or are you  the person that holds people hostage?
Not literally, I 'm not talking about the person or tied up in your basement or the people buried under the cement slab in your backyard!
Seriously, you can log off, now!

how many times have we stayed in these tired, beat down, burdensome and obligatory relationships? I'm not  even referring to marital relationships. That may apply to some. But I'm talking about friendships and work relationships, boyfriend, girlfriend type relationships, jobs, etc...
I can go further and talk about professional health relationships, I know right now that my kids are patients at a pediatric office where I love the doctors and hate the front office staff and the waiting room set up. Does it work for me, kind of, but it has an expiration date on it. I'll be moving and we'll have to find new pediatricians. Acknowledging that, I know that I've had personal relationships that were the same. These are the ones that are for a reason/season. Do I regret them, not at all. I came to understand that God really does give us what we need... always... It's hard to see that sometimes, but we also have to know that those relationships have expiration dates. These are the same relationships that have to be dealt with in the manner it what they were meant for and no more. Have you ever had the experience of going from being friends to being friendly?
Really? I have. Maybe you just didn't know it...
I've had  friends that for whatever reason we grew apart and we now remain in contact every once in a blue moon, not by actual effort, though. When we come across each other it is plenty of well wishes and warm heartfelt sentiment exchanged and we go back to our lives as they were until the next time we run across each other. I know that this is okay because, speaking for myself, I don't wish, hope for or long for that friend in any other way. Being friendly is enough. The expiration came, it was respected and we were able to move on!
Have I ever not respected an expiration date? Uhh, yeah! Where did it get me? Not far, wishing I had left that person alone a long time before then. Wishing I was able to walk away from the situation without hurting any one's feelings or getting my feelings hurt.
Does this also hold true for work experiences? Absolutely... I remember the days when I would drive up to the Red Cross with my stomach in KNOTS! Feeling like the weight of the world was on my shoulders! I wanted to just circle the parking lot and leave. But I couldn't, I wouldn't. I missed the expiration date because it was still fun to go to work. Everyone that had made it fun, had made their exit strategy with all of the upcoming changes about to become effective, but I was still having fun. Then there were only the two of us from the original bunch of us and a lot of new leadership and rules that made it unbearable. I had been on two other job interviews but still hadn't made the effort to leave. Now I don't know if that was fear, stupidity or a bit of both but I missed the expiration date... And I paid for it!
Now these examples don't support the idea of the rare people you meet in life and no matter how much time has passed, you pick up where you left off and know that no matter how far the distance this person would drop whatever it is and be there by your side if you requested. Those are what my grandmother would have called "the Lifetime" sadly even our lifetime relationships even have expiration dates, but that really doesn't matter because one or both of us will be too dead to know it! Gotta love that.

Okay Pickles, so watch your expiration dates...  a great country singer sang " You gotta know when to hold'em, Know when to fold' em. Know when to walk away, and Know when to run"
Good old Kenny Rogers! I love that song! That chorus can be applied to life! And Yes, this is my favorite version. LOL! A little something to leave you Pickles with a smile!

Well that's it for me today. Take time to appreciate a pickle and read me next time! Have a great weekend!

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