Sunday, April 3, 2011

AND The Winner Is...

So last month when I started this blog, I knew that I would have some faithful readers and those that would catch me when they could. But most of all I needed to check my audience, so I knew what kind of writing I'd be doing... Anyway in order to do that, I put up some blog candy for those that met two criteria for a drawing - 1 sign up to follow me or subscribe and
               2 leave a comment on each (every) of the posts through March 31, 2011
then your names would be entered in a drawing for a restaurant gift certificate for a restaurant near you. Well no one (not one) person met both criteria, therefore Nobody gets anything. :-)
 I got emails from those of you that had something to say about the posts. I got cuddos on Face Book and I even got a little something in the snail mail. Well none of that bothers me but I would appreciate the interaction and dialog here at AP.
Seriously, I have modified the rules of the drawing to really show my appreciation for all of you Pickles for supporting me. And... because I can do that, it's my blog! Hahaha.... So I did the drawing out of the people who signed up to follow the blog and left a comment. Thank you all again!

Well, The winner is......... wait for it........ Amanda!!!!  Congratulations Amanda! You have seven (7) days to get in touch with me to get me your full name and address so I'm able to get your gift card out to you. You have until Monday April 11th to email me at to claim your prize. (In my best Price Is Right voice)
Thank you for participating.

Now on to today's post!

I'm sure I've  mentioned the fact that I'm a military spouse. There is a little tradition that we have as wives. A lot of times you're able to purchase these little buildings to set up the community of places you've been stationed.
There is a lady here in town that allows you to come in and make and customize your own buildings.
I spent last wed, doing just that. So here are a few photos of the journey.

The building (blocks) are pre cut. This is how they look with the base paint

This is the mess I was making when I got in the Zone. LOL!
My friend was working on her set as well.
We bumped into an old acquaintance while there. She came in to work on a piece for her home.
Airborne proud!

These are the buildings after I've added my Doors, windows and tent openings...
The tags that I've painted white are going to be attached and used as labels for each building.


So here they are, sanded, stained and labeled

Here's a close up of the Village, this doesn't have to be the set up. This won't be my set up. this is only for Photo sake.
I love the BDU building.
I hate my writing  w/o lines!
Oh well...
Just guess who those represent, that's right...
My three pickles!

some of these have tent openings-ish to represent deployments

This was the perfect way to spend such an ugly grey day here in Tn. If you'd like to know how to contact Laura Mercier at Horse Feathers, let me know. She is by appt. only. Thank you so much for a great time and project, Laura.

To check out my crafting exclusively you can find me at


Don't forget to appreciate a pickle today!


Linnia said...

That is so awesome! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun, how creative. I liked the beginning of the blog by the way, nobody met the criteria. tricked us.

Anonymous said...

Cool craft! You are talented.