Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Place for Everyone!

Hello Pickles.
I Trust that all of you have had a great weekend and Happy Easter or Resurrection Sunday!

We are trying NOT to get blown away here in Tenn. The storms have been terrible here. The power outages have been a pain as well. I guess we are more blessed than some so I will just express great APPRECIATION for being spared what others haven't!

This is the large limb that struck my roof and smashed the smaller tree in my yard.
I'll have to get a co. to clean it up and haul it away.

I hope that none of you have any major damage and will be able to endure what ever storm is brewing in your neck of the woods as we brace for another round or two of this craziness.

My two pickles are in Girls Scouts and while it takes a lot of time and I don't always feel like attending, I must say it's always great when I get there. The moms in troop 169 are awesome. There's always a question of how a group of moms will get along and military spouses and civilian spouses mixing, but I have to say it goes without a hitch every time.  We had the pleasure of hosting this year's Daddy Daughter dance. The troop decided on a 50's Sock Hop and our troop leader got right to work. It was fabulous. I would love to spread out the credit but, it was more like she took us into consideration, planned accordingly and delegated when the vision came together. It was flawless. Thank you Kristen and troop 169, for making our Clarksville Girl Scouting experience nothing short of great!

My Big Girl Pickle All Dolled up!
Thanks to grandma for making this great poodle skirt! 

When a Daddy can't be there what goes better than a well put together Grand Father?

My Pickle getting all dolled up!

Grandma comes through again, but I had to add the blinged out Scotty Dog

I mean, I'm sure that was his hay day, any way! Hahaha...

And ... I thought I would leave you all with this! I always drive by this place and I always have the same laugh about it! I love Jay Leno's Crazy Headline's segment. He always has crazy/ quirky signs that people from all over the country send him. I'll be sending him this one because I know that there is A Place for Everyone!  Even for those that make their living with one of the oldest professions!

I obviously love Word Play!

Well, that's it for me, today! Stay safe and don't forget to Appreciate a Pickle!

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Read me next time,

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Monika' said...

I see she still hams it up for the camera. Such a little darling!