Thursday, April 21, 2011

1 Year Later

Woot, Woot, Yay for me, Yay for my little Pickles and... Yay for Normalcy! If you couldn't tell by the ruckus,
 My Mister is on his way home.
I'm excited, now.
I'm grateful always!
And I'm over my trepidation.
Yes, Trepidation.
For those who are military members or spouses, we do this one year, sometimes more and sometimes less, deployment. For that time you maintain two separate lives, updating each other as to what's going on in your lives but doing so with a bit of discretion. You shouldn't knowingly upset the balance of each others worlds with anything jarring or heavy, IF you can help it!
The time passes and you come back together as a family but have to keep in mind that most likely neither of you are still the same people that you were at the beginning of the deployment.
As you all may or may not know, I'm always on a quest, hence AP, to just be better than yesterday, so here I am with a year full of being better than yesterdays and he'll come back with a year full of  "I just gotta get back home"
 Can you see where we may differ now?

Me being me, started talking myself full of trepidation, filling my home with anxiety and then just flat out became paralyzed. I just had to sit with the fact that he was finally coming. I could turn over the reigns of this machine we call a family and just relax. That's what we always think first but then it came. I'm going to have to cook, I'm going to have more laundry, I'm going to have to schedule time with him... I'm going to have to be considerate! I know, i know!
Don't worry, I got there. I'm so ecstatic to have him come home, healthy!
I realize there is nothing for me to worry about, that time, prayer and patience can't work out.
Gotta love that!
Then I remembered a quote that says there are no perfect marriages, only people that have mastered the art of forgiveness. Not to mention someone even tweeted it yesterday! I don't know if I'm a master of anything but as long as that's what I strive for, I'm sure we'll be fine.
In this, I've learned that negativity is familiar to me. I learned that I can talk myself into this crazy state and be there because of it's familiarity, not because it works.

Thanks to my friend who through their seeking clarity, really helped me to see my situation clearly.

Now, I gotta go finish my chores before Daddy gets home! Have a great weekend, Pickles!

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kirsten c. said...

i loveeeee it!!!!!!!

dara, testing said...

yada yada

Monika' said...

Love the rings and so glad he's home! Send me those rings though if you still have the picture. I would love to have it for a scrapbook. Thanks girlie!

Dara said...

@ Monika, rings on the way!
Feel free to share the scrapbook page when it's finished!