Thursday, May 5, 2011

Celebrating Continued....

*Okay I think I've got it now!*
So in the past I've asked for my readers to leave your comments here on AP, in the comment box, and without  fail, we just haven't achieved that goal. I decided to look back at past comments, emails, tweets, text messages and even ran through some of the phone conversations and what I came up with was the fact that I missed it. Readers will comment on blogs and in comment boxes if there is a dialogue. You commented and I didn't answer. I apologize. That would be the reason for all of the other forms of commentary, duh! I in fact answered to each of those. I got it, I got it! So from here on out I agree to answer each of the comments left here at AP, if for nothing else then to show my appreciation for each of my readers, individually or until I get this massive following and I'm hosting my own t.v. show and doing radio spots.... a  little too much? LOL!
 I digress, forgive me and let's dialogue! If you may need help doing so you can find directions in the FAQ's.
On  with it then...

This week I really wanted to focus on celebrating.
When I met my husband, he never once said that he wasn't used to being celebrated. After a period of time it's was more than obvious.
It had never dawned on me that if he wasnt used to being celebrated then he probably wasn't well versed in celebrating anyone else. That was a hurdle.
Celebrating is nothing more than a gesture of appreciation. That doesn't mean that it has to be the biggest, grandest display every time, but it really should be the most heartfelt and sincere gesture.
I learned a major lesson in learning to love my husband and that was this same fact. All celebrations and gestures didn't have to be big. He taught me that those small celebrations meant just as much if not more than the big ones. We are both better at knowing how to celebrate each other, if you ask him he may say different...

How do you celebrate those around you?                                                

Here are a few ways to celebrate the different Pickles in your life.

  • For little Pickles:

-Picnics with their favorite foods
-Having an unplanned lunch with the kids at school, if you have more than one child, schedule the lunch at different times or on different days. (be sure to let them know why you're CELEBRATING THEM)
-Plan a meal and allow the guest of honor to make up the menu, don't tell them that they're the guest of honor. Tell them what time dinner will be and have some balloons and indiviual desserts waiting.
They'll really get a kick out of this.
-Take an impromtu picture of them that really shows who they are and frame it with a caption. Give it a special, always seen place!
-Teach your children not only how to appreciate others but how to show it!

Here's a great article for all of you mom's out there.

  • For your significant Pickle:

-Sending them flowers, a balloon bouquet, or an edible bouquet to the office or work place is a huge score.
-Sunday Brunch is big in my book
-That coupon book never gets old, make your own with coupons for the little things ie... putting laundry away, two consecutive days of dishes or a bed time pass (get your mind out of the gutter) this means you'll do the duty of getting the kids down for bed and shutting the house down.
-Gift certificates to the favorite spa or restaurant is always great, psst- (always make the gift certificate enough for two! This gives the option of taking a friend along or the favor may be returned when you're asked to join) Was this an ah ha moment for some?
-Take an impromtu picture of them that really shows who they are and frame it with a caption. Give it a special, always seen place!

*Make sure to tell the person why you're celebrating them*

Here's a great article for all of you significant others.

  • For your Pickle friends:

-Send a random card in the mail even if you live around the corner
-If your friend works, make plans to pick them up at their lunch time and take them to lunch
-Send them a simple text message or email celebrating or thanking them.
-Take an impromtu picture of them that really shows who they are and frame it with a caption. Give it a special, always seen place!

Here is a good article for all of you Pickle friends.

 *Again, please let the person know that they are being celebrated*

These are very simple tips. You know the people that you are in relationship with but you may or may not know their need to be celebrated and/or appreciated. If nothing else, it's an opportunity to put that energy out into the world to have it returned to yourself. Think of it as starting a trend if you will.

Make sure to come back to AP and let us know who you celebrated and how. The big and the little celebrations. Remember, a little goes a long way.

*Appreciating someone but never celebrating them is like buying a gift and wrapping it up beautifully and then simply sitting it on a shelf and never gifting it. *

Well I wish every Mom, Mom to be, Mom in spirit and Mom in function a very Happy Mother's day.

Read me next time and Cheers!


Monika' said...

Because I'm in Volunteer mode at this time; I am so appreciative of our volunteers, A little gift here and there. A phone call to say thank you means everything to them. A one on one dinner with them, Certificates of Appreciation, Being put in for BN, BDE and Division level awards. We couldn't do what we do without our volunteers and I always let them know that.

Dara said...

@ Monika, I can't thank you enough. You are one of the greatest examples of the art of celebrating and gratitude that I have had in my life. I will always be grateful for the role you've played in my life and I do and will continue to pass that on to others. You taught me so much about the importance of volunteering. You are so good at being you.