Monday, May 16, 2011


Hey Pickles,
I have been a so side tracked. I'm assuming that this may be my life for a bit with our impending move and all. BUT, flexible is all that I can be.
We are in the midst of purging. What a huge chore. It is absolutely amazing what you will find out about yourself in the process of a purge. The projects you started and didn't finish, the gifts you bought with aunt______ or uncle ___________ (fill in the blank) in mind.
As I have stated before, I'm a reader of all things, I can get my hands on. In that statement I made a gross understatement. At the end of the garage portion of this purge, may I just say that I have four, yes 4 large boxes of books to donate to the library.
Do you know what condition these books have to be in to donate to the library? That four boxes speaks nothing of the books that weren't suitable for donation or the four boxes of home school curriculum and aids that I donated to a neighbors home school group. Oh, or the two big boxes of mine and the mister's college text books. Call it crazy... I did.
I must say, it was fun to sit with the hubby and find old photos of our kids or times we had just forgotten about, it really turned out to be a time of bonding which caught me by surprise. It surprised me so much so that it brought a huge epiphany for me and this is where I ended up "When we take the time to purge our lives it opens up space for the real things that matter so much"
Well today is a new day and the start of the kitchen purge. What do you do with kitchen items when you purge them? I'm asking you... What do you do with those items? In a purge or downsize, do you donate everything? What should be thrown away? Check out the poll on the right of the page and let me know what do you do with the things you have no use for?

I'm sure some of you remember that I had bought the IPAD and that I didn't love it! You can read about it here. So after all of that, I have purchased and love the Samsung Galaxy Tab. This is exactly what I was looking for. The size, the interface, the apps. THE PRICE! I love it! I'm a the newest fan of android!

I wish all of you a great Monday!

Cheers and Read me later....


Monika' said...

I'll be purging next spring or sometime after the new year. I can't wait!

Dara said...

@ Monika good luck with the purging process, not my idea of fun.