Thursday, August 4, 2011

Summer Reading

I usually do a lot of reading in the summer. This summer hasn't afforded me that luxury due to our  move. I did start and finish one book though. It was a "Dollar Store" read and a surprising one at that. The name of the book is "Jokes My Father Never Taught Me" It's written by Rain Pryor, the daughter of Richard Pryor, the comedian. I just happened to find it in the Dollar Tree one day this past spring and sat it on my book shelf. In packing for our move, I put it in my "keep it with me" bag for the rare moments when I had some down time. It quickly became one of those pushing myself to stay awake and finish this chapter books and one of those, you and the kids can go in and wait for the table, I'll be in in a minute books. Not because the writing was so great but because it was so real. It was amazing to see this world known comedian who was endeared by so many be characterized as someone who walked with, carried and invited visitors into his own personal hell. She writes about his rampages, their awesome vacations that end with bloody beat downs and his losing battle with MS. It was a good summer read. Check it out!

Now, as I'm recuperating from this move, I'm thinking about something else I'd like to read and the number one on my list is "THE HELP"

I've seen the movie previews and read the reviews so as soon as I can get the crew back to school, I'll be on it!
What was your last read?
 Why did you read it and what did you think of it?
What's next on your list?
Let me know in the comment box.

Read me next time and don't forget to show some appreciation for the pickles in your life!

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