Monday, April 18, 2011

You Know what BIG FEET means...

Hey Pickles!
So from the time we were old enough to talk trash or sit around and hear other people talk trash, we at some point heard some woman say " well you know he has big feet and you know what that means, right?" Right, well, uuumm, I think I do! That means he has BIG.................Shoes! Hahaha!
No that means he has a big you know what....
Well I'm here to say that you shouldn't believe everything you hear and even less of what you see. That's what my grandmother would say. Everything isn't always what it seems, sometimes it's a whole lot more or in the case above a whole lot less. Just joking fellas!
I am an avid reader. Does that mean that I'm always glued to a novel? No! That means I read anything I can get my hands or eyes on. That means the occasional novel, a magazine, a newspaper article, a written tutorial or researching something or other on the web. I love reading and I love knowledge. It's always fascinating to come across something I don't know or have never heard before.
This brings me to the point of this blog post. I started tweeting last week and while it's an education, you can socialize without being too personal. I like Facebook, but it can be a little too personal as some people really do have relationships, be them friendly or personal on the WORLD WIDE WEB! hhhmmm!
okay, I digress.
While tweeting last week there was a tweet from O'magazine. The link to this article took me to a place of Oh my goodness's and caused me to take a better look at people.
It was beyond interesting, it was informative and short!
So, it was just what I needed for the 1minute thirty seconds it took for me to read it!
Do you know that shortened eyebrows doesn't necessarily mean that you got jacked up when you got your brows done but that you could have that disorder!
What disorder?
 Go and read the article! LOL!!!
Here's the link  just click it!

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