Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Life Happens

So I hope not one of you, pickles, feels neglected! I haven't been writing because
Life has started happening, AGAIN.
This will just update you all.
After Spring Break I could not come back and commit to the P90X program. Let me just say, there is a certain level of ignorance needed to work through that...

Are you asking "what are you talking about?"
Let me explain. If you go into such an intense program not knowing what you're getting into, you work really hard, it's intense and painful but you muster up the heart to just work through it... Then you go on Spring Break for a week.... Well it's really hard to come back and knowingly get back to that, that pain, that torture, going to bed in pain, waking up in pain, walking... in pain, going to the bathroom... say it with me... IN PAIN!
okay, so now you get it. This program, I liken it to child birth, you don't know what labor is like and you just psych yourself out and go with it, then after the birth (if it's the Au-natu-ral) makes you curse the day that man (your significant other) was born. Now a few months later, you're so in love with your baby and finally getting some sleep, this baby can fit all of those really cute outfits now and even the soft shoes. You are in complete bliss and thinking to yourself "Hell Yeah, I can do this again"
Clearly, I'm not there yet!
P90X is a butt-kicker and the experience is way too fresh in my mind for me to go back just yet!. My kids are even 4 and 3 years apart.
Now I'm on Weight Watchers and really loving it. This is great for someone like me , who really enjoys learning to be more aware, I'm aware that I don't have enough rigorous activities, I'm aware that salt and vinegar potato chips are the most evil temptation in existence, and I'm aware that I'm addicted to coffee. I think that's a lot of awareness for three weeks, but I am down 5 lbs. Love it!

On to the next happening in my life, I made a purchase that just keeps on giving. And here it is.....

Introducing Prince Murfi

Al I can say is that for as much joy as he brings the kids, he brings me 6am wake ups even on the weekend, little poop filled packages near my fire place and yes, he tries steal my 113lb. American Bull dog's virginity! LOL!

This is our princess Raven, notice what Murfi did to mu rug, eh!
 That's a sight to see. Despite it all, My Bull dog is no longer acting out because of loneliness.

He sleeps like nothing I've ever seen

Still sleeping

We're all works in progress.
Lastly, we're counting down to the return of my Mister. He should be here at the end of the month/ the beginning of the next month.
Till next time,
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Anonymous said...

Was thinking of trying the P90X. Gonna rethink it now. LOL
I love the little addition to the family! I sure do miss my little hot dog dog.
-Amanda B

Monika' said...

What a cutie! You're crazy for getting another dog but who am I to talk with 3 furry VERY spoiled felines! :)