Friday, April 8, 2011

I Just Don't Like IT!!! Rant... UpDate!

This will be a quick Post!

I am not the techno geek that my husband is, but I've recently found good reasons to purchase some things that could make my life a lot easier. So right after the new year, my first purchase was the Shark. The one for the floors. I love this machine. Granted I did have to get used to the AU-Natural smell of it.  I am that chemical girl and I like my clean fresh scents!

The SHARK gets two thumbs up for me.

Here it comes,
I was looking for a product that would allow me to unchain myself from my desktop PC. I never did embrace the laptop. I bought one for my husband and it seems all of my friends love theirs. I couldn't quite love it. I did purchase a smart phone or two and have loved the abilities of each of them. Still can't get enough done on the go with three kids....
I researched the IPAD now the IPAD 2... Thought long and hard about it. The IPAD got marked down on the release of the IPAD2 and then the earthquake happened. I thought long and hard...
My husband was so excited that I showed any interest period. I asked people that I knew owned them, they raved, I read the reviews, they raved... My husband bought it and had it sent to me. I LOVED IT!.... for a full two hours.
Now, that may have been because he stalked me from a war zone about it, no seriously. I came in from Hobby Lobby last Friday and the kids had the box, I put my keys down and the phone rang, it was my husband saying "So what do you think of it" I say " think of what" he says "the IPAD" I'll let him know as soon as I know. He sat on the phone with me for at least 45 min. while I registered and set it up. I liked it... he asked for pics. I had no problem with that except I wasn't able to touch it from that point 1:40pm till about 10:00pm that night. Why you ask, well let's just say the kids thought it was for them, obviously!
AND... It should have been!


The fact that you can't use flash on the IPAD is enough for me. Then I found out that I can't even link up my office live thinga ma jigs to the IPAD account.
It doesn't even give the full function to a lot of my work sites. D+%$, D!^&*, D)*^%

The IPAD gets one thumb up and one thumb down from me. That's because it's not a bad device, it's just not for me...It's going back!
 Oh, and let me say that I  don't appreciate Apple's Policy. WE paid s/h to get the device, now I'm trying to return it. The Policy is that you have to return it within 14 days, pay the return s/h and a 10% restocking fee. Simply, that STINKS!

I want to know, what do you own that you can't live without?
What do you have that you will be returning? And  what will be your next purchase?

If you've missed any posts of Appreciating Pickles, I'm sure it's unintentional. You can catch up...
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Thanks for reading me!

UPDATE: 4-8-2011
Apple only charged me 1.5% for returning the IPAD!
Okay so they aren't spawns of satan but... :-)
all is well... again

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