Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Vote For Him Already

Hey Pickles!
First we have some business to handle.
Congratulations to Amanda, who won last months blog candy. Your gift card is on it's way.
Amanda is an elementary school teacher who loves and appreciates her pickles, dearly. How great is it that a teacher would win the blog candy here at AP?  Yay!!! Amanda.

Next, a few of you have asked me to get on twitter. You wouldn't have been the first. My friend in O-H-I-O had also urged me to do the same. So now you can find me on there. My name there is of course ApprecPickles or you can use this link , look me up and follow.
Yeah, this does kind of go against my belief as far as being too accessible but truth be told, I'm also trying to grow this whole blog experience. A Pickle's gotta do what a Pickle's gotta do!

Now on to it!
That's right I said vote for him already, I'm not talking about Obama, this is so not the politically correct forum he would need!
I'm talking about MR. Good Will Hunting. Did any of you catch  or DVR him on the Nate Berkus show ( Oprah Prodigy)?
I have no time to watch t.v. but I do take take time to DVR the couple of shows I like most and get to watch them in a decent two week time span.
Any way, this young man, named Rashon Carraway, blogs under the name Mr. Good Will Hunting on his blog and now t.v. personality... Hey, side note.. My last name is Carrasco... that whole Carra thing in common... I digress.
Mr. Good Will Hunting is the self proclaimed Thrift Store Lifestyle Coach. I love his style. He knows his stuff. This gentleman (seriously) may be from South Carolina but he has mastered a very city boy chic design attitude. With his denim and bow tie attire, he was so deserving of his spot on the Nate Berkus show. He shared some great tips. I  immediately signed on to check out his blog and haven't been disappointed, I have even signed up to follow him in my feed as well as on twitter.
If you haven't checked him out as of yet, just do it!!!
Rashon is currently in a contest for the coolest small apt, home, space etc... In my opinion he's already the winner because unlike so many others he did it with such budget savyness ( is that a word?) Yay for you, Mr. Good Will Hunting.
I need all of my readers, followers and guests to check him out at and then you can head over to to vote for him.
Sounding like too much work, just visit his page and click on the photo/article and follow directions.
Rashon, I am on my way to log in my vote, good luck to you and your awesome shopping/decor sense.

Cheers! and don't forget to appreciate a PICKLE!

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