Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day 2011

On this  Memorial Day I find myself thinking of the men and women that I know and even those that I don't. I'm thinking of the people that I knew that lost their lives on mission for our country and their family members whose loss is so real and present on this day.
 I am also thinking of the men and women who are currently on mission, have recently returned from mission and those that are preparing to go out on mission. When I'm in these thoughts I always feel an urge to do something and then I remember that I do. I take those thoughts and I turn them into prayers. And today like most days I pray for the men and women, past, present and future that work in fields and positions that ultimately keep America being America.
Those prayers include the many fire fighters and Police officers that do the job locally and out on our roads and boarders. I pray for their families and loved ones as well.
So while I'm not the person that attends the Memorial day parades or even the big tributes at the huge cemeteries, I celebrate and the lives of each of you that I am so grateful for, Today I PRAY!

Heavenly Father, I praise and thank you for all that you are. I praise and thank you for all that you've done, do and will do in our lifetime.
Today father, I ask that you bless and keep the men and women in service to this country, I ask that you would find favor for them, with them and through them.
Lord, Keep their families and show them a peace that passes all understanding. Allow them to know that in it all of our glory goes to you.
On this Memorial day father allow this country to know how important it is for us to remember and celebrate the lives that people have promised  to this country and have lost  fulfilling those promises. Let us all be thankful.
Last father, I would ask that you would present our country's leadership with a vision that lines up with yours and that each and every one of them be blessed with the mercy and grace that each of us longs for all the days of our lives.
I ask these things in Jesus' name.
If you've read this prayer and taken the time to reflect, I  thank you for joining me in doing the best we can on this Memorial Day.
You have done your part to Appreciate A Pickle today.

What do you have planned for today? Do you do the family cook out thing? The visiting loved ones at the cemetery? Or do you attend the parades? I'd like to know how you celebrate Memorial day and why. It may simply be a tradition, let me know.

Cheers and Happy Memorial Day!


The Martin Family said...

Today we'll be celebrating, quietly, at home. My best friend and lover left the day before my birthday, and I'm still grieving. So, I think some family games, a little school (we homeschool), and a lot of love will help us carry on today, for a better tomorrow. We remember the friends that have gone on, those that we do not know, and those that will give the ultimate sacrifice through prayer and song, too. Thanks for this post!

Dara said...

@ The Martin Family, my family has been right where yours is, as you well know. Saying goodbye never gets easy and we never miss them less, we simply fill the time till they return and pray for all of the blessings that we can. On this day, I salute you and yours and commit you all to my prayers as well.
I think family time is most important when a parent is absent, as homeschoolers, you all definitely have an advantage. Stay strong and continue to keep your babies close.

Monika' said...

Today was spent with my Army family since the hubs is currently deployed. I did take time to reflect on those Soldiers we have lost while stationed in another unit and the Service Members currently serving today. I've been doing that all weekend. I say my prayers each night and catch myself saying them throughout the day as I run around doing errands. Not a moment has gone by this Holiday weekend that I have not thought about or remembered a Service member or Fallen Hero. Since I have been married to my hero, Memorial Day has taken on a whole new meaning for me.