Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Who? What? Where?... Wednesday

After catching up on a little news, and I do mean a little and doing some much needed reading, I thought about a new format for the blog. Something a little engaging and an opportunity to get some of your thoughts ans opinions.

So, here we go

The WHO:
 Lakeysha Beard, yeah, I'm guessing none of you know her, and neither do I, personally anyway. But, I'm sure all of you have come across her or someone just like her a time or two. "Big Mouth Beard"
talked LOUDLY, on her cell phone for a sixteen (16) hour train ride with other passengers. She was even reported as becoming belligerent with another passenger when asked to stop. Did I mention all of this took place in a designated "Quiet Car"?
Lakeysha was escorted off of the train and charged with disorderly conduct. Anderson Cooper put her on his ridiculist last night! I love it!
I think that was more than appropriate.This is a personal pet peeve of mine. Talking loudly on any phone is a pet peeve of mine. Seriously, why are the phones made with an earpiece? Obviously so you can hold it close and actually speak into it. It is my belief that you should only use the speaker option on a phone in privacy as well. I really don't care nor want to hear other people's private and usually ridiculous conversations. It seems and I'm going to say it.... ATTENTION SEEKING BEHAVIOR! You can read more here.
Well, Lakeysha, you got what was coming to you and deservedly so.
Do you feel like this was a bit too much?
Do you feel like this was handled well?
Is this a little thing being blown way out of proportion?
If you were on this train ride to H%&#, what would you have to say to Lakeysha and just how would you say it?
Is this a police matter or simply an etiquette or lack there of matter?

What are you guys eating and cooking lately?
I get bored eating the same old stuff, which then leads to eating out, which then leads to budget busting, which then leads to an extra pound or two... you understand me, I'm sure. So tell me what you're eating and cooking. I was at my weekly community group meeting and someone said just that. We love the fellowship and getting together but we also enjoy that someone different is responsible for each meal. So there always seems to be something yummy that you didn't think of. My latest obsession, I stumbled across at a Mother Daughter event I attended for Mother's day. Since then I have been searching for a recipe for these "Asparagus Rolls" Do you know what I'm talking about? The ones with the sliced bread, asparagus and some other elements but the bread comes out so tasty and buttery! Those ones.... Hahaha!
If you have this recipe and directions please post it in the comment box or send me an email at
What was the last great bit you ate?
I want to know... and if you loved it, tell me about it! If you made it, post the recipe for all of us Pickles. And yes you can send it to me and I'll post it next Wednesday.

I am headed to Vegas this weekend and I am so excited. I need a break and change of scenery in the worse way. I haven't even gotten there and I'm already giving thought to where I'd like to go the next time I have the ability to get away for a bit.
So here's what I'm asking all of you that have been to Vegas before, Where do I have to go while I'm there and what do I just have to see? I didn't plan to do a bunch that way we didn't feel obligated in any way, but I am open for suggestions and referrals. If you make a suggestion and I get to visit I will post the proof and a huge thank you!
I will say that the Mister is definitely planning to see the Jabawokeez show and I the Hoover Dam, of course!
Let me know, where to go!

I hope that you all enjoy this new Wednesday format.
I look forward to receiving your feedback.

Cheers and Read me next time!


Monika' said...

I know you are already there but if you check this while there go to the old part of Vegas too. It's fun to people watch there too.

Dara said...

@ Monika we didn't get to Old Vegas! I hadn't checked AP while in Vegas. Thanks for the heads up though!