Friday, May 20, 2011

Fair Question... Fair Response Friday

Here I am, so excited!
Two days to Vegas Baby!
I can't wait!

So If you are showing up today and have missed any of the latest posts, check out the right sideline or even the archives on the bottom, left sideline and catch up with us. Feel free to respond to any of the older posts as well.

Today, I'm calling Fair Question....Fair Response Friday because every now and then someone will send me a question on Face Book, email or text me and I simply reply that way, but I thought to myself yesterday, when I got this request "Can you blog about Why the more things change, the more they remain the same?"
That's do-able! Is do-able a word?
Anyway, now I'm asking all of you. What does that mean? I've heard it all of my life and never really gave it that much thought until yesterday.

What does the more things change, the more they stay the same mean to you?

This is a fair question, give us Pickles a fair response....
You can leave your response in the comment box.

Cheers and read me next time!


Monika' said...

Honestly, I think the more you try and change things the more they are bound to stay the same. I think when you sit back and let things happen on their own is when change happens the way it's supposed to. You can't fight it, you just have to let it happen. Take it from me, I like to control my enviroment and that is one thing you cannot do in the Army. Change is good too! It breathes new life into things. Don't ask me to go any deeper than that. Hugs to you sweetie!

Dara said...

@ Monika, I won't ask you to go any deeper than that... I guess I looked at it a little differently. In my mind the I saw that if you allow yourself to remain stagnent or lacking growth then everything around you seems to change and we stay the same. Simply just being resistant to the natural forward motion in life!